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Why Transport is Important for Companies and The European Union

The shortage of truck drivers in Europe is constantly increasing, which can cause severe problems in the Freight industry. Many hauliers are experiencing problems getting enough drivers and in the meantime, their customers have an increasing number of orders which causes huge pressure on the businesses. The rebound in demand in Europe recove ring from the current pandemic is causing widespread challenges on the supply side. Because of this intense pressure, the capacity has been stretched thin and businesses start having delays resulting in a slowdown. All of this creates a domino effect, which makes the shortage of drivers even more salient than before. (dhl-freight)

Kamen Vodenicharov

Kamen Vodenicharov, The Owerner of BADES Transport

Mr. Vodenicharov has been driving heavy vehicles in transportation in different countries of Europe since 1992. Mr. Vodenicharov has established his own company with the experience he has gained for more than 30 years and aims to serve different companies in the field of transportation. As a company, we are open to all kinds of offers in line with the reasons mentioned above.

Speaking skills: Turkish (fluent), Bulgarian(fluent), Russian (good), Spanish(entry), Germany(entry)